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Off-road Caravans and Camper trailers to go anywhere

Kimberley’s social purpose is embedding eco-friendly technology in RV’s that is easy and practical to use.
We are 100% passionate about creating well-engineered products that serve both you and the environment.

off road caravan kimberley karavan

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Kimberley Kruiser Off road caravan


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Kimberley Kruiser Off road caravan

Go anywhere your heart takes you! Full Size Lightweight Off Road Caravans

Kimberley products are unique in the world:
They are more than off-road... Independence and comfort to travel anywhere!

Floorplan below is new S Class single axle Kimberley Kruiser

Kimberley Kruiser Off road caravan

Releasing in December 2014: Single axle Kimberley Kruiser designed for vehicles with 2500kg towing capacity

Off road caravan best australia kimberley karavanLightweight Compact Off Road Caravans

best off road camper trailer 2013 kimberley kamper
Super Lightweight Off Road Camper Trailers

fuel cell for caravan
Fuel Cells

Lithium batteries off road camper trailers
High Performance Energy

super thin solar off road caravans
Super Thin Solar

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Best Camper Kithchens

off road caravan airbag suspension

Air Suspension

off road camper trailer tv screen multi-media

After building nearly 6,000 off-road camper trailers and off-road caravans we have never built two units exactly the same. Everyone has slightly different needs. The result is specially-designed units which are built to go anywhere - where the outdoors is your living room.

The fun of going "off-road" is the sense of adventure and re-gaining your youth. Within a few days of "free camping" you feel adventurous and young at heart!

The challenge for a lot of travellers is persuading your partner to come with you. An experience “shared” is an experience that stays with us forever. We have spent years at Kimberley progressively improving designs to entice the reluctant camper to travel for a “shared experience”. We hope you will agree.

It’s our culture as a company to do things that surprise customers. We know our customers like these surprises, so we invest in it, and we will continue to do so. It’s important to stay in front of the pack. To that end, we have tens of items applying new technology. New technology yields lower weight, better finish, better storage, lower maintenance, faster set-up or better energy use, thus a better experience for you! Some of these are world wide innovations that will surprise you. The surprise is a better experience!


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SmartRV™: 2 way caravan internet on Sunday February 21, 2016

A caravan internet connection from your computer inside your RV has been around for a while. Now Kimberley has made a significant step forward in connecting your RV without you and your computer to the internet. So the actual caravan or camper trailer itself is connected.

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Portable Wood Stove packs some punch at 3kW on Monday March 21, 2016

Portable wood burning stove in a Kimberley KamperThe Scandinavians camp in cold weather and are very resourceful with this folding portable slow burning wood stove. It packs a punch of heat with a 3kW rating. What we like about this model is that it has glass on 3 sides which accommodates a bigger group of people sitting around it. It is eco-friendly and efficient!

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kimberley 4G + GPS technology - Best in Market on Monday February 15, 2016

Kimberley have released their updated "Data Communications Pak for 4G and GPS" and it really packs a punch for technology. This is more than just a 4G upgrade. The pak includes a 4G antenna and a GPS antenna with an industrial 4G modem and Wifi Router. You can get data speeds of up to 100Mb/s with good reception. This means downloading music and movies on line. Of course you have to choose the right data plan but these are getting more and more economical.

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Are you an avid Photographer? Many Kimberley Owners are high end photographers. You will be surprised by the networked hub and backup support available in the digital darkroom pak in any of our models. Read Blog here.

camping under the stars in an off road caravan by kimberley

Tyre pressure monitoring using a new digital display TPMS lets the use optimize tyre pressures based on road conditions and speed. Optimizing this pressure will reduce the probability of damaging tyres & tyre wear.

off road caravan tyre pressure monitoring system

Kimberley are always wanting to surprise customers with innovative technology that lets them explore ALL of Australia. This TPMS system will manage up to 12 tyres and is available for sale at $1290.