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The SHOCK of the NEW – A Green Mobile Home - 6 Star Ambitions!

Sustainability is now at the forefront with the new Kimberley Range....

Eco Friendly Sustainable off road caravan bungle bungles Kimberley Kampers Member Green Building Council of Australia

The Kimberley Eco-suite is both as tough and durable as the Australian bush,
as well as sensitive to the environment with an complete integration of
eco-friendly and sustainable features. In fact all the range will be assessed with
6 Star ambitions!

Kimberley is Eco-driven and follows a unique bottom line for business.

Combined with the (obvious) financial goals, we consider the environment as well,
along with social performance. In pursuit of this, "triple bottom line", there is a
greater goal that education on sustainability while camping will be carried back
home and to the work place. There is no better education than personally using
solar panels, reclaiming water and not being reliant on a generator!

This is a core part of our business strategy, along with listening to customers on problems and issues to improve their products.

You would expect there should be many laws and regulations to comply with. But there aren’t. Why not? Because the large RV manufacturers, the largest with roots still in America with their American founders would have to invest and deploy new initiatives that may affect their designs, material sourcing and as a result their cost base. European designs and appliances are more advanced in this field.

Now, with our earth's increasing deterioration, Kimberley want to take leadership in an unregulated marketplace and lift the bar to meet customer expectations.

As a manufacturer, we have to provide more attention to issues such as pollutants in our air, water, and land; worker safety; chemicals found in products; energy and water use (and overuse); recyclable materials and other product packaging concerns.

However, for Customers, Kimberley wants to be an industry leader setting the highest standards possible to meet Green Building Council standards for mobile accomodation. Enforcement, of course, will eventually be introduced, and so should the standards for this industry!

Kimberley has joined the Green Building Council and will contribute to an initiative with Sustainable Mobile Accomodation.

Sustainable Commitment to ALL Australians, young and old.

Kimberley designs and evaluates their business and products through these six environmental areas:


Green Check box sustainable complianceUse of energy-efficient devices in design

Green Check box sustainable complianceUse of the of efficient fuel technologies like Bio-Diesel

Green Check box sustainable complianceMeasurement of renewable energy source and energy used

Green Check box sustainable complianceEvery Model to have renewable, clean energy as standard NOT as an option.

Green Check box sustainable complianceEvery Model to have as an option Lithium Batteries as preferred eco choice.

Green Check box sustainable complianceEvery model to have modified refrigeration (when standard) to improve efficiency by more than 20% with either eutectic technology, increased condenser cooling fans, added insulation and dampened sensor response.


Green Check box sustainable complianceUse of water from local streams and billabongs standard in every model with hot water

Green Check box sustainable complianceSeparation of Water types by segregated tanks without mixing

Green Check box sustainable complianceUse of water-efficient appliances and drip proof fittings

Green Check box sustainable complianceUse of re-claimed water as an option where washing machine available


Green Check box sustainable complianceIndoor ventilation a design priority with automated battery powered extraction fans in most models.

Green Check box sustainable complianceMidge proof screening on every model at windows and doors to minimize use of “insect repellent”. This is a reduction by 60% of the mesh size of standard mosquito mesh

Green Check box sustainable complianceAir-conditioning operated from renewable sources available as standard on some models, option on most.

Green Check box sustainable complianceNon-use of harmful volatile organic compounds found in RV timber furniture materials, timber flooring “water proofing compounds”, adhesives, sealants, and insulation


Green Check box sustainable complianceReduction of weight to minimize energy to tow by consumer

Green Check box sustainable complianceUse of timber draw fronts and seat bases from renewable forests

Green Check box sustainable complianceUse of sustainable materials like lightweight alloys

Green Check box sustainable complianceWaste reduction during manufacturing.

Green Check box sustainable complianceMaterial re-use and recycling particularly of all waste metal.


Green Check box sustainable complianceUse of materials and designs to minimize co-efficient of drag to minimize energy to tow by consumer

Green Check box sustainable complianceUse of advanced braking technology in all larger models to minimize uneven tyre wear, skidding and road damage.

Green Check box sustainable complianceUse of reprocessed timber for lamination of random pattern to minimize waste

Green Check box sustainable complianceUtilization of new practices that increase eco capability and performance


Green Check box sustainable complianceOperating Manual contains abundant information to maximize proper use of the renewable energy and eco- features

Green Check box sustainable complianceTraining for consumers to see consumption at meters, to develop understanding of living factors that affect consumption

Green Check box sustainable complianceWebinars for consumers on renewable technology

Green Check box sustainable complianceWebsite to have renewable energy sizing calculators, use calculators and education on use.

Green Check box sustainable complianceCheck off this list with consumer at handover by Dealer.

Off-road Soul, Independent Spirit: A Design Guide to Sustainability with off-road caravans.

Guide to using sustainable technology with off road caravans for lowest cost of operationDesigning for off-road travel to out-of-the-way places is more than an is the structured science of getting so much functionality for so little weight and making it compact and durable. 

Then add to that the importance of sustainability. Good design can yield the absolute lowest running cost that inevitably comes from sustainable technologies. It just makes good business sense! 

That’s great, but the price of some of these technologies may be high. Is it worth it?

Download this eBookto answer this question! Table of contents for the 27 pages is:

  1. The Top Ranked Priorities for Sustainability
  2. Summary of eco-friendly power sources for a Camper Trailer or Caravan
  3. Reduce Vehicle Fuel Consumption when Towing
  4. Maximise air-flow for ventilation
  5. Reduce need for Portable Generators
  6. Consider 12V Air-conditioning for Bedroom Suite
  7. The Impact of Noise
  8. Using a Fuel Cell
  9. Reduce need for LPG
  10. Using Diesel Hot Water instead of LPG
  11. Reduce Absorbtion of Suns Heat Energy
  12. Using LED Lighting
  13. Using Bio-Diesel
  14. Using Membrane Heating
  15. Leave no footprints on Montague Island - a Special Project!

Off-Road Soul, Independent Spirit: Using sustainable technologies gives the absolute lowest running cost as well as maximum independence. Download this special eBook to find out how!