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Shipping Kimberley Products to the USA

July 2015 Update - USA Market is growing

USA Kimberley off road camper customer at Gunsight
USA Kimberley Customer in Arizona photographed on right.

Any Kimberley Trailer can be shipped to the USA.

There is no "dealer" in the USA and sales are done to individuals at a reduced price.

The pricing is based as follows:

Calculate the pricing from the Australian price guides, or do an online quote.

The export price is the the Australian price less 20% for export.

The export price includes shipping and insurance and unpacking at Los Angeles California for most products. There is a surcharge for the Kruiser and the Classic Kamper. Kimberley manage all the importation process with no involvement by the customer.

As Australia and the USA have a free trade agreement, there is NO DUTY or import taxes paid by Kimberley (or the customer).

The price is then further reduced by the exchange rate. At the time of this publication, the rate is US$0.75 = AUD1$ so you reduce the final price by multiplying by 0.75 to get the price in US$. Once you commit to purchase and pay a deposit, Kimberley lock the rate as at the date of deposit so a fixed price is assured.

Pricing summary: For a trailer with a AUD $100,000 retail price, the landed price to Los Angeles is around AUD$80,000 x 0.75 = US $60,000 . State Taxes have to be paid by the individual as applicable.

We have a new option that allows you to add a large 850 lb ATV or 2 x Dirt Bikes ontop of the camper trailer:

Click on the image to read the details.


Download a copy of the RV America Magazine article on the Kimberley Karavan here:

RV America Magazine article on Kimberley Karavan camper

Photo Below of a 2014 Model Kimberley Kruiser Black Caviar prepared for shipping to USA (Phoenix Arizona is it's home!)

Kimberley kruiser off road caravan wrapped for shipping to USA arizona

off road camper trailers USA

Kimberley Kamper Off-Road Camper Trailer in USA

USA Kimberley off road camper trailer

Kimberley Karavan Off Road Camper Trailer